Taiwan Little Eats has fee free (and contact free) delivery! **Delivery minimum $15.

Zip codes: 53703, 53706, 53715, 53726, 53705 (+$2), Our kitchen opens at 11, and we do deliveries 11-7. Eatstreet, Grubhub, and Uber Eats orders can be made 11-8.

**Troubleshooting help –> try using a computer rather than a smart phone if you encounter difficulties ordering. Alternatively, you can order delivery through our Square Online Store for just $1 an order.

Our deliveries are contact-free. We’ll call/text you before we arrive and leave the order at your doorway/front desk.

Thanks so much for your tips! They help us make this service feasible.

**We don’t offer hot drinks on our ordering system since it’s impossible to ensure they will arrive safely. At the most we can provide no ice. Thanks for your understanding!