About Us 關於我們

Eighteen years ago, two unruly Taiwanese boys would meet at their middle school gate to search for food. Their pockets were always almost empty, so they couldn’t afford bento boxes or fried chicken for lunch, only braised pork and rice. Then it seemed like a hardship, but a decade or two later, both found themselves in America missing the taste of home. Min-hsiung Lin moved with his new wife, Christine, to Madison in 2016 where she began a Ph.D. program at UW in Chinese Literature. Not being the sort to sit still, Min-hsiung (who goes by the nickname Seven) traveled to New York to catch up with his old friend, Kai Hsiang Cheng. Together they hatched a plan to open a Taiwanese restaurant in Madison, where the local Asian restaurants are largely dominated by immigrants from a couple of southern Chinese provinces. They wanted to do something a little different, to bring a little more choice to the Madison Asian cuisine scene. They embarked on a quest to bring their memories of southern Taiwanese street food to life in Wisconsin. 

At Taiwan Little Eats, our goal is to bring Taiwanese hospitality and traditional cuisine to this corner of the world. When you drink our bubble tea, you will be tasting authentic Taiwanese tea leaves, imported directly from the island. Our produce is sourced locally, but seasoned to transport you to a different place and time–directly into the bustling aisle of a night market. Our storefront is located in downtown Madison, near both the State Capitol and the UW Madison campus. Come in any time for a refreshing drink, a “little eat,” or a filling meal at Taiwan Little Eats on State Street.

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