The new menu is here.

The combo meal comes with free milk tea and ice soda

Welcome to Our Digital Menu

The pandemic has changed a lot, but not our food.

We serve authentic Taiwanese street food and boba tea made with imported leaves from our island home.

For indoor dining or pickup options, check our our digital menu. Gift cards can be used on both our digital menu and in-house.

Our menu is a mix of night-market-style shareables, little eats, and big bites for different levels of hunger and different group sizes. We also offer customizable brewed teas, milk teas, and fruit teas, along with an assemblage of other seasonal offerings.

**We have delivery options through a variety of platforms. Because these are third-party services which can take up to 50% of the subtotal for each order, we have adjusted our prices accordingly. Unfortunately, we are unable to offer our own delivery service at this time.

For our regular priced menu, please see our digital menu (in-store pickup only).

An authentic, traditional, family-owned Taiwanese restaurant on Madison’s State Street

Open Hours

Sun: 11:00 am – 7:00 pm
Mon – Sat: 11:00 am – 8:00 pm

(subject to change)


320 State Street Madison, WI 53705


(608) 251-8529
contact-us@taiwanlittleeats.com www.facebook.com/TWlileats/